Dena Kingsberg 2024

Dena and Jack in Berlin

Dena and Jack are coming back to Berlin for  a week of dedicated Mysore Style practice at our Shala. This week long workshop will combine breath work, voice work, heart play and conversational philosophy.
Classes will take place in a small, intimate, and nourishing setting – so this week will be a bit like a raw, precious diamond.


Dena  has been studying and practicing traditional Ashtanga yoga for over 35 years. She is a devoted long term student of the late Sri K.Pattabhi Jois. She remains committed, deeply inspired and continuously amazed by the vast healing potential of this life changing practice. Dena has a disciplined, yet lyrical style of teaching. Her holistic approach looks beyond external form to inspire a passion for self-discovery and reflection.


“When I feel comfortable within and settled in myself, everything is easier, more relaxed and potentially joyful. By repetitively stepping into the internal landscape and nourishing the self, we are able to dance out into the world with effortless focus. How do we get there… to that place of ease-fullness?

Through gentle breath and sound resonance we can tonify the nervous system, dissolving agitation and settling the restless mind.

With prayer and mantra we connect to heart. With silence we discover the natural self at the centre of it all.
To arrive at lucidity and grace.”

Workshop details


June 23. – 28. 2024



Sunday 8.00 – 11.00 | 12.30 – 2.00           
Monday – Friday 7.00- 10.00
Wednesday  3.00 – 4.30
a total of 8 classes



Ashtanga Yoga Shala     

Dieffenbachstraße 36

10967 Berlin





The number of participants is limited. 


For bookings and further questions please get in touch via email:


Please include in your application a brief summary of where you currently are in your practice and whether or not you have worked with Dena before.