The Shala is open Mon – Fri from 7 – 10 am. Unless indicated differently, all classes are taught in the traditional Mysore Style method.

We take a pause until January  7th, 2024.

7 - 10
7 - 10
7 - 10
7 - 10
& Studytime
7 - 9/10
9 - 10
towards Stillness**

For detailed descriptions of the other classes, please scroll down.


Please bring a towel for hands-on assists.
Please shower before class.
Please wear a shirt during practice.
Please bring your own mat, if possible.


For as long as we cultivate a Selfpractice on Thursday mornings, Mysore Style classes AND teachings take place as usual despite new- and full moon days.
So come and feel free to adjust your asana and breathing practices according to the energetic needs that the respective phases of the moon might require.

Gravitating towards Stillness

** This class takes place every 1st and 3rd Friday of the month. Suitable for beginners and yoga teachers alike. Investment.


During Asana practice, we mainly target the gross body. Asana is the foundation that cannot be bypassed.
However, in this class we aim at going a little deeper, focusing more on the subtle body.
The main thread of this course is – by the means of various yogic techniques – to gradually gravitate towards inner stillness. Gentle movement, subtle breathwork, sound, mantra and meditation will be woven together in a way that deep relaxation and inner peace gradually become tangible.


I consider this class to be a valuable stepping stone in progessively establishing a sound, structured and long-term seated practice.

Selfpractice & Studytime

“Yoga is learned by Yoga alone.”, the scriptures say.
On Thursday mornings, we take this ancient insight at heart and dedicate the Shala to Self-practice and Self-study.
Note: The Shala is open as usual, but no formal teachings are taking place on Thursday mornings. I use this precious time slot for deepening my own studies on Yoga and Yoga Therapy with my teachers A.G. and Indra Mohan. Both of them are direct disciples of the late Sri T. Krishnamacharya and studied under his guidance for two decades.