The Shala is open Mon – Fri from 7 – 10 am. Unless indicated differently, all classes are taught in the traditional Mysore Style method.

For detailed descriptions of the other classes, please scroll down.

7 - 10
+ mantra
7 - 10
7 - 10
7 - 10
Mysore /
* a led


From Feb 6th - 17th the Shala is open for Self-practice only. Please get in touch for details.
Mysore Style classes will resume on Monday Feb 19th.

Please bring a towel for hands-on assists.
Please shower before class.
Please wear a shirt during practice.
Please bring your own mat, if possible.



There are no classes on public holidays, new- and full moon days.

New and Full moon Days 2022


Pranayama & Mantra

Inviting the mind to anchor itself in the breath. Offering him the possibility to find stillness in the beauty and depth of Vedic Chanting.


“a led something”

Every 2nd and last Friday of the month, we practice in unison in the form of a conducted class. Depending on what is needed, we will either go through Primary Series. Or we will mix things up a bit up and explore the flexibility and readiness of our mind to adapt to the unpredictable. You could also call it “Vinyasa Party”.
The class starts at 7:30 sharp: duration: 90min (+/-)
Not recommended for beginners.


1. Processing-lab is basically an open space with a purpose. The purpose is to use the space and energy of the Shala in order to meet whatever it is that wants to be met, heard or seen within you. And then process it. Do the inner work required. This might take place in the form of an Asana practice, or by simply sitting in silence. The form you choose is completely free. The space is held through presence alone. No formal teaching is taking place. Note: This offer only addressess students who are already familiar with the Shala.


2. Processing-lab is an offering of time. If you want to get a feeling for the space and meet me in person before you decide to pick up a regular practice at the Shala, this one is for you.
By appointment only.