Private Classes

Private classes

There are topics or subtleties within the working process that simply don’t find an adequate expression in a group setting. To give those topics the space they deserve, I offer private sessions.

Private classes are suitable for both, total beginners who are looking for a sound introduction into the practice of Yoga, and for more advanced or committed students. They are an opportunity to dive deeper into your practice and to have a closer lock at certain elements or patterns (either physical or mental) that you may observe during practice. 


Those classes can be highly beneficial if, for example, you are currently dealing with health issues or if you are facing physical pain or discomfort during practice. A yoga practice that directly addresses your needs may support you in your healing process.


Private classes can also be a very interesting supplement if you observe certain tendencies in your mind or in your attitude on the mat that are non-beneficial for you or are even an impediment to your yoga practice.


Maybe you reached a point in your practice where you keep hitting the same wall over and over again or where you feel that you are turning in circles without knowing how to intelligently navigate through that feeling of being stuck…

However, all these are simply examples, encouraging you to fill that precious space of a one-on-one encounter with your own and personal thoughts, concerns, needs or questions.


If this sounds interesting to you, please get in touch via Email