One-to-one Work


There are topics or subtleties within the working process that simply don’t find an adequate expression in a group setting. To give those topics the space they deserve, I offer private sessions in which I apply yoga-therapeutic lenses, means and skills.

One-to-one work is suitable for both, total beginners and more advanced or committed students.


Exploring the benefits of Yoga in a private setting is advaisable, if the complexity of your background and life-circumstances suggest so. If you are dealing with physical limitations, inner attitudes or recuring patterns that you might want to change. Or simply, if whatever you bring to class might be too complex to be dealt with in a group setting.


Using the means of Yoga, such as movement, breath, mantra and awareness, we will tailor short and themed  practices that can be highly beneficial in accompanying and/or supporting a healing process.

Substantial part of this kind of deeper work is your active participation in the process and your commitment of doing the prescribed physical and/or mental practices on a regular, preferrably daily, basis.


If this sounds interesting to you, please get in touch via Email