Konstanze Seifert

Ashtanga Yoga is my chosen form of living. The eight-folded path structures my daily routine, guides my conduct, influences my relationships. The practice is my form of healing, my tool for transformation. It‘s the mirror reflecting what I am and telling me where to go. This yoga is my source for freedom and truth.

After five years of Vinyasa Yoga and Selfpractice at home, in 2007 I started Ashtanga Yoga under the guidance of Nicole Verheyden and Peter Greve. They were my first real teachers. In 2013 I finished a two year, 1500 hrs, intensive training with them.

Dena Kingsberg, my source and beloved teacher

In 2009 I met my teacher Dena Kingsberg. She was one of the first western students of Patthabi Jois and spent years and years of practice with him in his small Shala in Mysore. Watching me doing Nakrasana, she asked „Are you a worm or a crocodile?“ I just had finished my master degree in Philosophy. Feeling the warm blood and depth of a livelong yoga practice in her presence, I instantly knew: Book knowledge has brought me until here. To go further and to put theory into practice, I need to take the leap — .
In 2016 I finished a three year intensive training with Dena, encompassing 2000 hrs. Now, our mutual work and commitment continues in the form of an ongoing mentorship.
I finished Third Series under Dena‘s guidance. Three years later and after the birth of my child, Dena introduced me to Fourth.


In 2017 I gave birth to my son Ravi. In 2020 my family was blessed with the arrival of our son Ira. Being a mother allows me to understand the yogic qualities of ‘letting go’ and ‘surrender’ on a much deeper level. To parent my child and to be truly and lovingly present for my family has changed my practice and my relationship with the practice considerably. Pure discipline has transformed into something more organic, more sensitive, more aware of what is acutually needed.